Autumn trends to try at Home

We are a few weeks into Autumn now and what can I say.. it's nothing like Autumn yet! My favourite clothing stores are stocking grey, grey and more grey. Whilst I try to forget the inevitable, I have been enjoying the sun and getting my final doses of Vitamin D.

Autumn is coming, soon, I can feel it. Just like that our beautiful 30 degree days will be a distant memory and my beloved winter coat will make a re-appearance from the bottom of my wardrobe. 

When it does hit, you will be armed with these seasonal trends to add some spark to your home this Autumn. I love taking inspiration for my home from the surrounds, so when it starts to get a bit cooler outside, I like to change things up to reflect this (or I may have a shopping addiction). Either way, let's jump right in! 


Terracotta holds a warm quality for transitional seasons. If you are renovating, incorporate matte feature tiles as a pop of terracotta will go a long way especially in a small space. I believe they are even overtaking the common neutrals and whites and will become a staple for 2017. 

For a simpler approach, bringing in some new candles with interesting bases and pendant lights with terracotta accents will add a touch of nature and character to your home. 


Midnight Blue is a super versatile colour for your home. It is deep, luxurious and can be introduced a number of ways. Bring it in with a bang by adding a new rug. This can instantly change the space and give it a new lease on life. It's artwork for the floor! 

As you will be savouring your warm showers even more during the cooler months, investing in some new bath towels will make mornings that little bit more bearable. Add a bit of fun with these dark blue towels from Sheridan. 


If it's good enough for New York Fashion Week then it's good enough for you too! Bring in the latest style with checks and plaids. Simply gorgeous statements. Change up your bedroom by adding new bed linen from Adairs. It is understated enough that it re-freshes a space without a huge overhaul, win! 

Welcome your guests with a classic doormat that says you care about the little things. That's what makes a house a home!


I am completely on the 'Greenery - Pantone Colour of the Year' bandwagon but lets take it a step deeper and introduce dark green. Similar to midnight blue, it adds a deeper tone and warmth that we look for in cooler months. Simply add some fresh foliage to bring the outside in.

Or splurge a bit more by adding some statement pieces like this vase from Dinosaur Designs and focusing on the darker green tones in artwork. 


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