Below is a general outline of what our design process involves. This is a guide as each project is truly unique. We tailor our design process to each client to ensure every project is in sync with your needs and schedule. 




Time to say hello!

Once you have contacted us regarding your upcoming project, we will schedule a time to meet and begin the first step in the design process. During the Initial Consultation we will get to know you, your family and the needs, desires and dreams for the project. We also discuss your budget and general style you are hoping to achieve. 

We will shortly email you our proposal and fees, then if approved, a confirmation will be signed and the project can commence. 



Let's dig deep!

To begin your project, we will meet again to discuss in depth your requirements. This is also the perfect time to bring along floor plans, magazine clippings or pictures to convey your ideas. We will also conduct a site visit to take photos of the spaces and confirm measurements.



Our creative juices begin flowing!  

During this stage of the design process, we will gather all the information we have and spend a period of time developing the design of your new home. This includes developing ideas and concept plans that take into account any structural changes and spacial planning. We will then present the design to you with sketches and furniture/finishes boards to convey our ideas. Feedback is welcomed and any refinements to the design will be made during this stage.


4. approval & documentation

Ensuring each detail is spot on!  

Once you are happy with the final concept and approve the design, including the selection of furniture and finishes. We will develop final documentation which will be used for the construction of the project. We will also prepare a project schedule where all of your specifications will be listed in great detail. This stage ensures the construction and install stage runs smoothly and more definitive material costs are outlined.  



Time to turn dreams into reality!  

We prepare all orders for the design to get your project underway. While also liasing with builders, trades, suppliers and craftsmen to ensure the project runs smoothly and in a timely manner. When the construction has been completed, we will conduct an install day (or days depending on the size of the project), where we install the furniture pieces etc and add the final styling touches before the big reveal.


6. finalisE


We visit your new space for a final walk-through to discuss if there are any changes that need to be made to ensure your new home is absolutely perfect. We present our final documentation and product care/warranty information taking to account any changes that may have happened during the construction/install stage. 

Finally you can enjoy your new home and after you have settled in, we would love to have our photographer take some snaps of your finished home. 



P.S. Don't get overwhelmed with the size of your project, let's just start with step 1 and get the ball rolling!